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TokyoHandsUp is back!

19 Apr

After the earthquake that hit Japan last month we really didn´t  feel like writing for a while, but now we are back, thinking positively about the future of Japan and its people.

What we are not so positive about is the  scare tactics that has been in the Norwegian press about the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Every day with one headline scarier than the other. (And then suddenly stopping almost all coverage overnight to focus on Libya. I guess Norwegians can’t handle two news stories at once, but that’s a different story)

“Radioactive clouds can reach Norway” and “Radioactive waste has not yet reached Norway (but it’s only a matter of time)” . Being the two most absurd headings. Here we are on the other side of the globe. Talk about selfcentered..

So when we found this website “journalist wall of shame” that  collected all these type of sensationalist, overly speculative articles, we found it interesting reading.

Journalist wall of shame:


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