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Renting a SIM card or Phone in Japan.

1 May

An everyday gadget most you probably use every day is of course the cell phone. And by a small statistic prediction, I guess that you who read this text might be one with a smartphone and with a daily use of mail, social networking, news updating etc. So when traveling to Japan, your phone will work as long as it supports the 3G network. But It’s going to cost you…. a lot. But luckily there’s a solution to this. Rental SIM or phone.

One alternative we have used several times is this SIM-card or phone rental page:


This page looks a bit shady at first glance. But believe me, they are very trustworthy and VERY helpful if you need assistance. One example of this is when one of my friends accidentally ordered the wrong kind of SIM card. The new correct one arrived at the hotel desk the day after he mailed them about it. Talk about service! And this is something you’ll start to get used to during your travels around Tokyo.

What happens when you order from this site is that the SIM card or the phone you rent will be waiting safe in a closed zipped envelope at the hotel reseption.

My recommended deal at this page is the free data plan. This really comes in handy while using google maps and translate. And if several of the people you’r traveling with has a smartphone its free to chat, message and send locations for easy finding each other or tell if you are lost 🙂

This is a selection of the apps we use and recommend: (please comment if you have others to recommend)

  • AR Tokyo:Augmented reality for easy direction to the closest convenient stores.
  • WhatsApp Messenger:SMS replacer that uses data traffic. Also has a nice localization function for telling someone where you are using google maps. Also sends pictures, audio and video. Uses the phones internal phonebook for easy accsess to friends.
  • Tokyo Metro:Nice app for planning your route on the evergrowing metro and JR trains. Also works offline.


27 Feb

This app for iPhone might be the new friend to inspire you when you’r at the local sushibar. It’s a very nice presentation of many of the different types of sushi out there.

It may be a bit too americanized in the way the sushi and maki are presented. But nevertheless its a fantastic app I recommend for all you sushilovers out there.

And it’s FREE 😀




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