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2 Mar

Its kind of strange, japanese tourist are known for taking pictures all the time, but when it comes to taking Photos in stores in Tokyo its super strict.

My typical scenario is that I see something really cool I want to share with someone, or want to ask my girlfriend if she likes something I´m planning to buy, followed by a clerk hastily rushing over saying “no photo” and making a cross with his fingers. I can understand they want to protect the privacy of their shoppers, and its not like im taking hundred of pictures, its me with my iPhone pointing at some product. (And lets face it, japan has so much cool stuff, that you cant possibly buy it all:-)
Ive spoken to some japanese friends asking why most stores have this policy, but the didnt have any answers other than, “thats the way it is”. So if you want to take a photo, be fast and act dumb, and then you can atleast score one “check out this cool product!”picture in each shop;-)



The wonders of SUICA

27 Feb

If there is one thing you need in Tokyo, it´s this card.

Super Urban Intelligent CArd or Suica for short is exactly what it sounds like, an essential item in for super urban living.

Its primary use is that of transportation, swipe once on entry on trains and subways, and reswipe on the way out for smooth travel, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Suica can also be used in convenience stores, vending machines, restaurants, shops and more. You dont even have to take the card out of your wallet!

Hot tip: All the FamilyMart stores takes Suica, so thats makes it our favorite convenience store in Tokyo!

Anybody who´s been to Tokyo knows how annoying it is to carry all that loose change, so Suica is like a dream to the Tokyo traveler. I even used it to buy a pair of sneakers in Shibuya on my last trip. Suica can be loaded with a maximum  of 20.000 yen, so charge your card up! You can always refund what you dont use, or just simply do as we do and use your Suica at the airport when you (unwillingly) leave Tokyo. Cause all shops at Narita takes Suica!

So look for this logo, and use your Suica whenever you can!

(Suica can also be used in shops with the Pasmo logo..)


27 Feb

This app for iPhone might be the new friend to inspire you when you’r at the local sushibar. It’s a very nice presentation of many of the different types of sushi out there.

It may be a bit too americanized in the way the sushi and maki are presented. But nevertheless its a fantastic app I recommend for all you sushilovers out there.

And it’s FREE 😀


Donkey Kong vs Tom&Jerry game?

26 Feb


Just got this brilliant game for a brand new console called Zone40 wireless gaming console.

The latest Donkey Kong game must have been really successful for Nintendo to get this exclusive deal with Hanna Barbera.

Sanyo Microcomputer rice cooker

25 Feb

WE WANT this! This is a rice cooker for the Europeans and the ones who use 230V stuff. When we roamed around Tokyo browsing the large electronic apartment stores. There was one cute, yet stylish rice cooker that stood out from the others. This Sanyo.

Here in Norway it’s impossible to get your hands on a regular sized rice cooker. We’ve only found large bulky white plastic  bad brand cookers at the price of approx. $45 . Imagine the quality! But the one thing that stopped us was the weight of this beauty. “How many videgames/shoes/figures do we have to throw out of the luggage to get this one in?”



US$163.97 —> ¥13,440 @ RAKUTEN

493 Pokemon Drawn as Sexy Anime Girls

25 Feb

What can you say? This is by far the nicest otaku way of evolving Pokemon =)

Go go do hardcore analysis on the following picture hehe.

Via: comicsalliance


24 Feb

This is the first post EVER to be written on this marvelous blog! =)

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