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My Tokyo 2013 travel plans!

22 Jan



TokyoHandsUp is back!

19 Apr

After the earthquake that hit Japan last month we really didn´t  feel like writing for a while, but now we are back, thinking positively about the future of Japan and its people.

What we are not so positive about is the  scare tactics that has been in the Norwegian press about the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Every day with one headline scarier than the other. (And then suddenly stopping almost all coverage overnight to focus on Libya. I guess Norwegians can’t handle two news stories at once, but that’s a different story)

“Radioactive clouds can reach Norway” and “Radioactive waste has not yet reached Norway (but it’s only a matter of time)” . Being the two most absurd headings. Here we are on the other side of the globe. Talk about selfcentered..

So when we found this website “journalist wall of shame” that  collected all these type of sensationalist, overly speculative articles, we found it interesting reading.

Journalist wall of shame:

Earthquake in Japan

11 Mar

Our thoughts go out to all of Japan. We are hoping and wishing for all the best to everyone affected by this earthquake.


The wonders of SUICA

27 Feb

If there is one thing you need in Tokyo, it´s this card.

Super Urban Intelligent CArd or Suica for short is exactly what it sounds like, an essential item in for super urban living.

Its primary use is that of transportation, swipe once on entry on trains and subways, and reswipe on the way out for smooth travel, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Suica can also be used in convenience stores, vending machines, restaurants, shops and more. You dont even have to take the card out of your wallet!

Hot tip: All the FamilyMart stores takes Suica, so thats makes it our favorite convenience store in Tokyo!

Anybody who´s been to Tokyo knows how annoying it is to carry all that loose change, so Suica is like a dream to the Tokyo traveler. I even used it to buy a pair of sneakers in Shibuya on my last trip. Suica can be loaded with a maximum  of 20.000 yen, so charge your card up! You can always refund what you dont use, or just simply do as we do and use your Suica at the airport when you (unwillingly) leave Tokyo. Cause all shops at Narita takes Suica!

So look for this logo, and use your Suica whenever you can!

(Suica can also be used in shops with the Pasmo logo..)


24 Feb

This is the first post EVER to be written on this marvelous blog! =)

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