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The ultimate drink for hangovers?

19 Oct

How many times haven’t you been hangover and thought: “WHY isn’t there something I can drink or eat to get better?” We al

l know the immediate answer to that. Start the next day by taking a drink, or maybe a beer… or even better, two beers. But that cure, if we could call it that, would infact turn into a nasty habit after a while. So for the better of sundays and the days we just have to get better to get back to our daily lives. Is there a magic drink? Is it called Ukon no Chikara?

Ukon is infact a turmeric. A plant closely related to ginger. The drink that contains this plant is claimed to have scientific evidence for preventing hangovers. It’s even been said to help prevent cancer and enhancing liver functions, as well as having no strong claims of negative side effects for adults.

This product is by no means new to the market. They started selling it in 2004 and still going strong.

So, back to the point. Will the Ukon Anti-Hangover drink work as intended? Only you can decide on that. Do you believe? I on the other hand have never had the same gravity of hangovers while staying in Tokyo compared to the day after a night out here in Oslo. So is it the jet lag? The amount of food we eat there? The sake? The Ramen? The Ukon no Chikara that does the trick? I really don’t know. And I guess I need a couple more trips to really find the answer …. Looking forward to it 🙂

If you want to test this drink even if you’r not in Tokyo, you can buy it here at our friends the White Rabbit Express:


New club opening in Tokyo!

15 Oct

Its not everyday a huge new club open in Tokyo, so we at Tokyo HandsUp are super exited! Sound Museum Vision has room for 1500 people, and has four dance floors. It’s being opened by the people behind Club Air, which is one of our favorite Tokyo clubs, and is situated smack in the middle of Shibuya. Opening night is on the 28th, and will feature lots of Japanese DJs, including DJ Crush, Emma and Ken Ishii. Sure to be an awesome night! And the lineup for the next couple of weeks doesn’t look to shabby either. Who can not love the name? Sound Museum Vision is right up there with Womb and Space Lab Yellow. Lets go clubbing!

Starting a new life in Tokyo this spring?

20 Apr

So you just moved to Tokyo? And you also like clubbing? Well you are in luck, cause club Womb “supports everybody starting a new life in Tokyo this spring” (TokyoHandsUp also supports everybody starting a new life in Tokyo by the way), and what do they mean by this?  Well, if you are going out in a group of five people you get 2 free entrances! And with cover charges usually between 3000 to 4000 Yen per person thats actually quite a nice discount!

So check out the womb calender, and I´m sure you will find a night to your taste! (PS: Offer ends on 28th of May)

“WOMB supports everybody starting a new life in Tokyo this Spring, university freshmen, newly hired employees and students.
From 8th April (Fri) to 28th May (Sat), every group of 5 people will get 2 free entrances. You do not need to be a freshman or a student, bring friends and get the discount!”

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